Our quality

For us to be a reliable partner for our customers for more than 35 years, our number-one priority is to strive for consistent high quality. We guarantee this quality thanks to a comprehensive quality management system and the many visual product inspections carried out by our experienced employees. Hygienic food-safe packaging, modern vacuum lines, metal detection, track & trace system and cold stores complement the process. For Kaasveredeling Kruijt BV, quality means that we fully meet your requirements, wishes and expectations, which we document in the product specifications and, if necessary, in an SLA or contract.

For us, delivering quality means “providing products & services that meet your expectations”. Quality & food safety are our first priority. We’re only satisfied when you are!





Consistently good quality is what you can expect from Kaasveredeling Kruijt BV. In order to meet these expectations, we hold the following quality certificates:

We are also affiliated with:

  • COKZ export module
  • Side streams covenant, reviewed by Qlip

Furthermore, we are regularly audited by the COKZ (Dutch dairy inspection institute / NVWA) to inspect the hygiene package as a basis for our EC recognition.

You can always contact Kaasveredeling Kruijt for a clear product specification of the cheese you have purchased. If you have any questions about accreditations or product specifications, don’t hesitate to contact us on kwaliteit@kaasveredelingkruijt.nl or speak with your contact person.

If, despite our care, you aren’t happy with a product or service, please send your comment or complaint to klachten@kaasveredelingkruijt.nl

Kaasveredeling Kruijt is an EC-approved cheese processing company and is supervised by the COKZ (Dutch dairy inspection institute). This executive inspection organisation uses recognised international assessment and quality standards and guarantees the reliability of the results of its inspections. The COKZ checks on hygiene, compliance with legal requirements, microbiology and the operation of the quality system.