“Smart solutions for the dairy industry”

We can take total care thanks to our smart solutions. From start to finish. Flexible and reliable. Short lines of communication, fast response, a deal’s a deal. Our own transport enables us to act quickly.

Do you have cheese or butter and does it need to be processed, sorted and packaged? Do you have heavy cheeses (heavier than 20 kg) that need to be divided or the rind to be removed? Do you have naturally matured cheese and would you like the rind removed and the cheese prepared for further processing/packaging? We offer a range of solutions for your needs.

That why we use our slogan “smart solutions for the dairy industry” , we add “value” to your flows of raw materials.

Perhaps you have a completely different challenge or question? Please feel free to contact us. We’re confident we will find a solution for your challenge!


Our solutions are many, including:

  • Removal of rind from cheese for industrial applications (grating / melting).
  • Removal of rind from cheese suitable for direct cutting and packaging.
  • Parts and packaging of “large” cheeses or cheese blocks (up to 100 kg per cheese).
  • Cheese packaging using soft-vacuum technology, making the cheese suitable for cutting without tearing.
  • Sorting, processing and packaging of (sliced) cheese.
  • Packaging, unpacking and repackaging of cheeses and other dairy products.
  • Refrigerated storage of dairy products.
  • Collection and delivery of cheese and dairy products processed or supplied by us.


Trade, purchasing & sales

Kaasveredeling Kruijt buys and sells cheese and dairy products. We buy and sell hard cheese types (e.g. Gouda, Edam, Maasdam) suitable for further processing, such as grating or melting. You can also speak to us about soft and hard foreign cheeses. Are you interested in buying any of these products or do you have cheese you would like to sell? Just ask us, no strings attached, by sending an email to ivo@kaasveredelingkruijt.nl